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10 Interesting Ways To Increase Facebook Video Views

Want to know interesting and useful ways to increase Facebook video views?

Facebook videos have topped the priority list for marketers in 2018.

Videos are the most impressive way of engaging more viewers and converting them into loyal consumers. But as it is a relatively new marketing tool, one might not know how to maximise viewership.

Here’s a list of 10 exciting ways to increase Facebook video views, shares and boost engagement rates.

But before knowing about the fascinating ways to increase Facebook video views, let’s understand the importance of sharing videos on social platforms.

How sharing videos on social platforms helps a business grow:

Video marketing is expected to touch the pinnacle of success this year. In 2018 and the future years to come videos will become powerful channels to attract prospective customers. Researchers consider the current period as the year of video revolution. Furthermore, video marketing is proved to be more successful when shared on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Marketers recognise that video is progressing rapidly and will reach newer heights shortly.

Before optimising your videos for views, it’s essential to understand different types of video experiences. Which videos are the most liked, how will your video look on various devices and which category will have maximum Facebook video watch?

Take a look at the different types of video shared on Facebook

  1. a) Landscape Newsfeed video

It is a standard video post that maintains an aspect ratio of 16:9. When the orientation of a device changes, the display becomes full screen accordingly.

  1. b) Portrait video

These videos are ideal for full-screen views. It provides vertical viewing on a mobile device; its aspect ratio is 9:16 full portrait. Most of the social media channels nowadays are popularizing the concept of portrait videos. Hence when a marketer targets mobile viewing, one can select the format of portrait video.

  1. c) Square Video Newsfeed

Besides portrait video, square video format has also become increasingly popular. This kind of arrangement won’t change its size whatever orientation it is put into. In addition to that, this form is more prominent within the facebook newsfeed.

Why should you increase viewership?

Social platforms constantly evolve and introduce new features, hence, your video marketing strategy also has to grow to match the progressive techniques. Focus on creating videos that captivate the audience and make them trust your brand. Researchers reveal that 69% of adults use some form of social media to interact with companies.

How to increase Facebook video views

There are many proven methods to increase viewership. Listed below some of the easy, interesting and effective ways for boosting customer engagement.

1. Post square videos rather than landscape ones

Sharing videos on a social platform is a significant event these days. Videos receive successful shares on social media channels. Among several other social platforms, Facebook has more mass involvement; surveys reveal that square videos outperform landscape videos regarding engagements, views and reach.

Stats and reports say creating square videos are more effective in mobiles because of the following reasons:

  • More than half of the video views are on mobile. Facebook business video consumption on mobiles has increased 233% since 2013.
  • It is estimated that 92% of Facebook users use this social channel on mobile.
  • Square videos have taken up 78% more space in the news feed on mobile than on desktop.

Hence, with more and more people viewing videos on mobile, square videos would steal the show.

Video consumption will increase with square video. In addition to that, a marketer can also plan to create vertical videos for improved video performance.

2. Try to grab people’s attention within the first 3 seconds

The first 3 seconds of any video is crucial. Tuck in the initial few seconds of your video with most vital information to initiate more viewership.

Facebook videos have auto-play to encourage interest. To captivate users’ attention and convince them to watch the video at that very moment here are a few proven points.

Find out how to make the first 3 seconds more engaging:

  • Use thumbnails:These are items on the page that do a great job of capturing people’s attention while they scroll through their feed.
  • Update video with a relevant post:Titles play a considerable role in making a video successful. Sometimes they add more meaning to the video and while other times they compel the viewers to take act on a call to action.

In general, the first frame should be geared towards piquing a consumer’s interest.

3. Captions play a significant role in a video

According to the rising trend, silent videos are among the most preferred watches of the viewers. Studies reveal that about 85% of views on Facebook videos are without sound. Hence, marketers must plan to optimize silence for more engagement.

Sometimes a Facebook business video does not require sound at all, but most of them need. However, most of the Facebook users prefer to watch videos without the sound.

Facebook now has the feature of auto-plays on the mobile Newsfeed. Hence, if you add meaningful captions to your videos, your viewers can understand your message. This way without any voice or music your message will still be delivered to the viewer.

The good news is, in the years to come Facebook is rolling out an auto-captioning feature too.


4. Develop your video with coherent content

To increase Facebook video views, you need to focus on spawning new ideas that are easy to understand.

When your video is easy to understand, viewers can relate themselves to the story. Such videos are more likely to get maximum shares.

While creating a video, it is vital to think from the audience’s point-of-view. It is also necessary to understand what element in your video content would engage the audience and motivate them to share.

5. Native videos increase facebook video views

Consider uploading Facebook native videos for better viewership. Facebook native video are those videos that are created within or uploaded directly to Facebook. These videos further enjoy the opportunity of auto-play within the Facebook Newsfeed.

Several online surveys prove that the interaction rate for Facebook native videos was on average 109.67% higher than for YouTube videos. Additionally, Facebook native videos witness an average of 477.76% higher share rate compared to YouTube videos. Besides posting native videos also focus on sharing those videos with Buffer.

Using buffer one can upload videos directly to the queue and post them onto Facebook native videos.

6. Focus on crafting explanatory video titles

Facebook sees around two billion searches every day. Therefore, while posing videos on Facebook and planning a strategy to increase viewership, one needs to use descriptive titles for the video. Facebook recommends that choosing a proper title would make the video top the search list. Furthermore, adding titles would optimise your broadcast and allow viewers to search the program quickly.

7. Keep your video length short

Viewers have a short attention span and people want information instantly. Thus, it is essential to provide information through video content in a very firm way. Videos of 25 – 30 seconds long are ideal for all viewers. A study showed that videos at that period had the best completion rate. You can entice more viewers if you win the challenge of providing all necessary information in a brief time.

But what should be the length of the video?

A marketer can quickly determine the length through using Facebook page insights. This Facebook video analytic helps the admin to identify the actual viewer engagement.

Look for the following ways to decide the appropriate length:

  • How long do viewers watch a video?
  • What’s the number of total views, both paid and organic?
  • In total how many people have viewed your video?

These Facebook video analytics can help you to know which videos are a hit among the viewers and where they drop off. This way you could determine a video length.

8. Your facebook videos could need ads

Consider creating a Facebook video ad to help extend your reach to your target audience and engage them further. This way businesses can send a message out to a broader audience.

If the target audience views the Facebook ads, there’s a massive increase in the amount of traffic. Back to your page and also to your chosen call-to-action link.

9. Do not forget to add a call to action

To encourage maximum engagement, a call-to-action (CTA) can work well. This strategy is the ideal way to drive traffic to your website, encourage engagement and further convert viewers into potential customers.

Facebook provides several free options for marketers to include a CTA functionality to their videos.

One of the most effective ways to add a call-to-action is to incorporate the video link to website blog posts. Once a viewer clicks on the link, they get redirected to more information. Similarly, you can also ask your audience to share their thoughts in the comments section.

Another beneficial way of mentioning a CTA is in the video itself. This can be done through a static image, talking features or using a text overlay. CTAs work better when incorporated at the end of the video. Viewers respond more when a video continues to inform what to do next after the actual content ends.

10. Incorporate a powerful thumbnail

To summarize

As a marketer, one must communicate critical information that has value. Video marketing is the next big thing in the industry today. A business person can see desired results with tons of views, comments, likes, shares and leads. Take video marketing to the ultimate level by increasing viewership with the tips above.

Consider creating a Facebook video ad to help extend your reach to your target audience and engage them further. This way businesses can send a message out to a broader audience.

If the target audience views the Facebook ads, there’s a massive increase in the amount of traffic. Back to your page and also to your chosen call-to-action link.

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