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Creative Video Productions

Captiv8 is home to some of the most creative video productions in Australia. You will have seen many of our ads already, and probably some of our other works too. You just may not have known they were made by Captiv8.

Our goal from the beginning has always been to be more than just a creative video production company. We wanted to be a force of creativity that would add immense value to the brands we represent on behalf of our clients. The results speak for themselves.

Our creative video productions have been capturing the imagination of Australian and international audiences for decades. Long experience has helped us to refine our approach, learning what the most effective methods are to get attention from viewers and keep them rapt from beginning to end.

And even though we now feel comfortable to be regarded as experts in our field, we’re still learning more every day. When you choose Captiv8 as your media production partner, you are choosing quality at the highest level. Good choice. Read More

Past Examples of Captiv8 Creative Video Productions

We’ve done so many videos now that if we tried to showcase them all in a showreel, we’d need to make it a feature-length documentary. But you can see a small collection of some of our most successful recent campaigns by visiting the Work page we’ve added on this site, which will give you a small taste of what you can expect from Captiv8.

More in-depth detail about some of our campaign projects is available by reading our Case Studies. We’ve shown how other companies have benefited from the services provided by Captiv8, so you can think about how you might apply the same concepts in your own business.

Having said that, every business and every project is unique, so there’s still a lot of work ahead. But that’s OK because we love a challenge.

Only The Best Creative Video Productions in Australia

We don’t settle for second best, and you shouldn’t either. Marketing and communications are the most important activities your business does, even if you’re not a marketing or communications company. In fact, especially if you’re not one of those.

The reason is that people don’t just buy things any more. Now they buy into your brand. They want to know they can rely on you to keep the promises implied in whatever it is you are selling.

Communicating information about your company, brands, products, or services is essential, and you need to do it effectively. The second component is to achieve a status of familiarity in the minds of your target demographics. The more recognized your name is, provided it is not associated with anything negative, the more powerfully your messages will resonate.

Captiv8 helps you get recognized and remembered. We also help ensure you make a positive connection with the audience, and obtain the full advantage from every dollar you spend on advertising.

Choose Captiv8 As Your Creative Video Production Company

We’re ready to start making amazing video to represent your company and brands. All it takes to get started is for you to reach out to us, and nothing in the world could be easier. Take the plunge and talk to us. You have nothing to lose, and we know you are going to love working with us on your new video project.

We are a group of experienced, strategic and creative thinkers. Our team consists of creative and digital specialists, directors, designers, editors, producers and developers. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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“We’re always proud of our advertising innovations, but we’re particularly pleased we’ve been able to team up with Captiv8.”


Corporate Manager – Brand, Toyota


“As our agency and production partner Captiv8 are always able to provide the right solution no matter what the challenge, they deliver fantastic service and outstanding work, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


National Advertising Manager – Universal Pictures International Austrailia


“Captiv8 designed and developed a dynamic, eye catching and user friendly minisite for our awards 2013 campaign which delivered all that we wanted within a tight timeframe.”


Trade Marketing Manager – The Stayz Group

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