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Corporate Video Production

Captiv8 is the company you should choose for your next corporate video production. We are the leading experts in corporate video production in Australia, with highly experienced corporate video producers and a top notch creative team ready to get to work for you.

Even if you’re not already familiar with our name, you’ve already seen dozens of our ads. In fact, you’ve probably seen hundreds of them.

We produce corporate video for all kinds of Australian businesses, international businesses, government organizations, and non-profits organizations.

You will have seen ads we’ve made for car companies like VolksWagen, Toyota, and Mercedes Benz. You will also have seen ads we’ve made for companies like National Australia Bank, Colgate, and Berocca. Read More

Maybe your business is in the same leagues as these types of clients, or maybe it’s not quite that big yet. If you want your business to grow, that’s great, because that’s what we want, too.

But ads aren’t the only thing we do, and they’re not all we’re famous for. We make many other kinds of video and film projects too.

Whatever kind of video you need, whether it is a site induction video, new brand launch, or even an online video for your Facebook page, we’re here to help you make a strong impression.

Grow Your Business With Corporate Video Production by Captiv8

We’ll help you stand out from your competitors by developing fantastic corporate video that captivates audiences and keeps them focused on the message you need to present them with.

The key to our success in doing this is the people who work for us. We’re a strong team of passionate individuals who know our jobs and do them well. Every single one of us is a perfectionist, striving for the ultimate in video excellence on every project we undertake.

What that means for you as our client is you can be assured of a fantastic outcome. Your video production will be handled expertly and created with professionalism every step of the way.

We have the resources, the equipment, the locations, the technology and the team to make exactly the right video to suit whatever your need happens to be. We know how to do that, and we’ve got everything we need to make it work.

Work With Expert Corporate Video Producers

Once you’ve experienced the difference of dealing with Captiv8, we know we will always be your first choice for any kind of video production services.

The producers at Captiv8 are experienced, professional, and highly motivated. They work on video projects every day, and they love what they do. That passion for making superior video and film productions is what has helped us become a leading force in Australian corporate video.

Corporate Video Production in Australia

Australian audiences are not necessarily the same as audiences in other countries. The things that might turn them on or off can be quite a bit different.

That’s why it pays to work with an Australian company like Captiv8. We understand what Australian audiences want, and we know how to give them what they want. That means less worry for you, and a better result for your audience.

Corporate Video Ads

Captiv8 are the experts in corporate video production in Australia, already the most widely known name in the industry for our innovative television commercials and bold marketing concepts.

We have many years of experience in creating ads for all kinds of Australian businesses. Our clients include major corporations like NAB and Colgate, but they also include small business owners, government organizations, and charities.

No matter who we’re dealing with or how big the budget is, we provide every client with the same high standard of service and dedicate ourselves to creating the best content possible for each project.

Get Your Corporate Video Ads Produced Professionally by Captiv8

The most important reason to choose Captiv8 is that by doing so you will know you will get a result you can be proud of.

Our professional production team features some of the best creative minds in Australia, and they really pull their weight.

We don’t just make corporate video, we make compelling, entertaining corporate video that gets the message across to your audience in effective ways.

Seriously The Best Corporate Video Ads in Australia

We’re not kidding when we say our ads are the best. They are that good because we work hard to make them good.

We start that process by getting to know you and by developing an understanding of what you want to achieve. From there, we can start planning what kind of ad we should create for you.

Once a basic concept has been developed, we’ll consult with you and fine tune our ideas to be completely in line with your needs and preferences.

That’s when the real work begins. We make the ad for you. Every project is exciting because we know we’re going to create something completely original and we’re going to produce it perfectly.

When you see the results, you will know why we’re called Captiv8.

Our Corporate Videos Helping You Stand Out from Competitors

Video production services from Captiv8 have the simple goal of helping you gain a competitive advantage by having the best corporate video ads, designed from the start to make you become a name people will remember.

Our ads get attention, and they also gain retention. The trick to it is that we make ads people want to watch, and actually enjoy watching. The positive experience this creates for the viewer, especially in comparison to the other video ads they will typically see, makes a strong impression.

That means people are more likely to remember not only your name, but also details of the message you wanted them to hear. They’ll also have a positive mental association with your brand because they’ll remember the feeling that came with your ad even when the details of the ad itself begin to fade.

Your Video Ad is Just a Phone Call Away

It’s really easy to set up a meeting with somebody from our team who can talk through the options with you and help you decide how you want to proceed.

We’re here to work with you, and all it takes to get started is to contact us. You can call our office at the phone number shown on this page, or use our contact form to leave us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

Put the power of Captiv8 to work for your business, and enjoy the view from the top.

The Importance of a Corporate Video Production House You Can Trust

Corporate video is something you need to get perfectly right, no matter who your audience is or what your subject may be. That’s because the production values present in your corporate video production are a reflection or representation of your company’s values.

If the video you show is not impressive, then nobody will be impressed. The worst part about this is that it’s not only your video that will draw criticism but your company as well.

This is true even when a third party is responsible for the content of your video. That’s why it is so important to be certain that your video is made by a professional corporate video production company.

Captiv8 is one of Australia’s most experienced and successful production houses. We will give you stellar results because we use the same techniques used for major motion picture productions. You will get a great video because our commitment to the highest standards is meticulous and uncompromising. We’ll create video you can be truly proud of.

Not Just Another Corporate Video Company

We are experienced in working with businesses of all sizes across a diverse range of industries.

Some of our clients are just small startups with just one or two employees, while others are global brands with responsibility for thousands of people. Wherever your business fits on this spectrum, you can be entirely certain Captiv8 will always give you 100% effort and enthusiasm.

That’s because the quality of our work and our commitment to getting the job done is not influenced by the size of our client, but by our drive to always create the best video we can with the resources available to us.

We Make Video The Way Video is Supposed To Be Made

Production values are not just important; they are everything. Without the correct approach to creating the content, it won’t create the same impact. In fact, it won’t even be close.

Successfully engaging an audience means catching their attention and holding onto it for long enough that they’re able to think about the message you’re presenting. If the content fails to achieve that level of engagement as quickly as possible, it’s very unlikely that the desired outcome will be achieved.

This matters because when the desired outcome is not achieved – or even worse, when it is not known before the project commences – there is not really any point in making the video.

A video should never be made just for the sake of having a video. There should always be a point. Corporate videos are not just a status symbol; they are valuable marketing tools that can achieve a range of outcomes. You owe it to yourself and your shareholders to make the best use of this marketing opportunity, whether your presentation is intended for showing to the public or to be used internally.

Contact the experts in corporate video production at Captiv8 to find out more about how we can help make your corporate video the success you deserve.

We are a group of experienced, strategic and creative thinkers. Our team consists of creative and digital specialists, directors, designers, editors, producers and developers. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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“We’re always proud of our advertising innovations, but we’re particularly pleased we’ve been able to team up with Captiv8.”


Corporate Manager – Brand, Toyota


“As our agency and production partner Captiv8 are always able to provide the right solution no matter what the challenge, they deliver fantastic service and outstanding work, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


National Advertising Manager – Universal Pictures International Austrailia


“Captiv8 designed and developed a dynamic, eye catching and user friendly minisite for our awards 2013 campaign which delivered all that we wanted within a tight timeframe.”


Trade Marketing Manager – The Stayz Group

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