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Work Director

At Captiv8, our philosophy is to be flexible, result driven, forward thinking and collaborative. Our team of creative and digital specialists, work directors, editors, designers and producers aim to convey this philosophy in all the work we undertake. When creativity and technology combine, the results never cease to amaze. This is why we will always encourage you to express your creativity.

Our experienced, creative and strategic team come fully equipped with industry leading technology and equipment to achieve great results every time. These tools mean we can harness and utilize creative production and development in every stage of our project from conception to implementation.

A film that’s intended to promote a business, a product or a particular event, or to have any other purpose, may start as a simple idea in your head. The job of a work director is to take that concept and translate it into something that will work and achieve the desired effect. They’ll put flesh on the bones of an idea so you can see what will be produced and will have a good impression of the finished product. Even if you have no real idea of what you want, we can work with you to formulate a concept and then take that forward to achieve reality. Read More

The film will inevitably have a purpose, whatever it is, and that purpose needs to be realised for the film to be effective. Making a great film that achieves nothing is, in fact, a waste of time, money and effort.

Even the shortest of promotional films can take a considerable time to make, so the effort needs to achieve positive results for that effort to be worthwhile. Time also, of course, means money and so the work director has to demonstrate that an effective film can be created within the budget and timescale set aside for it. If not, the project may not be viable and an alternative course may be sought.

Achieving a Successful Outcome

A work director in Sydney or any other of our offices will take all the various points into consideration to determine if the project is feasible for your stated budget. If not, we’ll tell you because it’s not in our interest or yours to go ahead with something that will satisfy no-one.

If we decide the project is viable within the financial and time constraints, we’ll then do our utmost to make it an unqualified success. That initially involves the work director taking the concept and turning it into a sound basis for a film that will achieve exactly what you want.

This requires the director to be:

  • able to visualise the finished film and see how it will work
  • completely practical in all aspects and focus specifically on achieving the required end goal
  • imaginative and willing to incorporate innovative features to enhance the film
  • capable of adapting strategies to overcome budgetary limitations and complete the film within the set timescale
  • focused on the common goal of fulfilling the client’s needs
  • sufficiently motivated to put everything in place to make the film a success.

Work Director With A Passion for Making Each Film Work

All our work directors have the same passion for converting initial ideas and concepts into something that our film producers and directors can then work with to create the finished film. To illustrate how it will work, they’ll create storyboards, film plots and script outlines, and will generally work to set the framework for the shape of the planned film.

Our work directors have a clear understanding of the process for taking an initial concept and turning it into a completed and successful film. They are able to visualise how things will turn out, work out the most practical and effective options, and generally enable a film that will deliver exactly the outcome you wish for.

Could Infographic and Animations Boost Your Business?

Infographic and animations are a simple yet engaging way of educating your potential clients and customers. Our team specialize in coming up with custom solutions in keeping with your products and business objectives, values and story. Graphics and animations are powerful because of their ability to take complex ideas and turn them into it to an easily digestible concept. If you’re seeking inspiration for your own infographic or animation, feel free to browse our production portfolio https://captiv8.com.au/infographics-animations/.

Work Director with The Best Tech and Tools Mean The Best Results

At Captiv8 we’re huge technology lovers. We love utilizing the best and most innovative technology. You could even say that we’re creative geeks at heart. The very latest facilities and tools mean our directors are able to ensure your digital content will live up to your high standard and your experience working with us will be seamless from start to finish.

  • Design – Our designers and developers specialise in the art of storytelling in the medium of video and animation. We have facilities for motion graphics, animation, illustration and even 3D productions.
  • Editing – We have the ultimate online and offline editing tools to allow for creative and flexible story editing.
  • Finish – Smoke is one of our favourite tools because of its integrated and creative nature. Combined tools and clever visual effect capabilities mean we can have unlimited creative freedom and the highest quality finishes.
  • Audio – Every project is different, and we always bring in the right expert to produce, create and mix depending on your requirements. Having the latest Pro-Tools audio suite in-house is also a bonus.

Get In Touch With A Passionate Work Director Today

I’m sure you have so many creative ideas floating around your head. The hardest part is pinning them down and initiating that creative process. The key is to have a solid ‘plan of attack’ for capturing your creative energy and turning it into breathtaking digital media and that’s where our work directors can help.

There are many ways you can contact us. Please send mail to PO Box 3470, Tamarama, NSW, 2026. Alternatively, you can email us at info@captiv8.com.au. We have offices where you are welcome to drop by and see our work directors in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. You can also drop us a line and say hello using our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you https://captiv8.com.au/contact/. We very much look forward to hearing about your creative ideas.

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“We’re always proud of our advertising innovations, but we’re particularly pleased we’ve been able to team up with Captiv8.”


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“As our agency and production partner Captiv8 are always able to provide the right solution no matter what the challenge, they deliver fantastic service and outstanding work, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


National Advertising Manager – Universal Pictures International Austrailia


“Captiv8 designed and developed a dynamic, eye catching and user friendly minisite for our awards 2013 campaign which delivered all that we wanted within a tight timeframe.”


Trade Marketing Manager – The Stayz Group

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