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Line Production

Captiv8 is a long standing video and film production service in Australia with decades of experience and some of the best creative minds in the nation. We are here to support your motion picture production needs in every way. Our experienced line production team will help keep your project on time and within your budget constraints. We’ll also make sure your logistics are properly organized so your project will not suffer excessive delays and bottlenecks due to procurement problems.

We are ready and able to help at every stage from initial budget planning through to post-production. Our lengthy experience in making all kinds of film production and television production means our line producers can complete all these normally demanding tasks more easily than those with less experience. You can also expect a better degree of accuracy in forecasting and analysis since we have worked on so many projects already. Read More

Why Captiv8 Should Be Your Choice For Line Production in Australia

We’re able to provide as much assistance as you need with pre-production, production, and post-production. Here are just a few of the things our clients normally call on us for help with:

  • Location scouting. You can’t beat local advantage when it comes to location scouting, and as a major player in our field, we’re big enough to have branches across Australia. This means we can help track down the best shooting locations for every kind of scene your project will need, ensuring you get a first class result.
  • Shooting permissions. Another area where local knowledge plus extensive experience comes to the forefront is negotiating shooting permissions at all levels of government, with property owners, and site managers to make sure the project goes without a hitch. With top notch negotiating skills, we’ll also do everything possible to prevent budget blowouts caused by greedy opportunists and to make sure you’re getting the best locations without having to settle for less ideal ones.
  • Provision and procurement. There’s no need to move expensive equipment or non-essential personnel halfway around the world. We can supply just about everything you may need, and anything we don’t already have, we can get it. Working with Captiv8 will save you money and save you from difficulties.
  • Location security. We’ll help make sure your shoot is secure. From local law enforcement to private security firms, we have the connections and resources to keep your people, equipment, and production safe from those who might wish to intrude.
  • Tax help and film financial incentives. Australia’s taxation system can be complex and sometimes troublesome. There is also a wide range of financial incentives and tax breaks available to those making films in Australia, and exactly what incentives you can qualify for may vary between different states and regions of Australia. Our budgeting and financial experts can help by simplifying the process and securing you the maximum financial advantages that may be available to you.

Supporting Your Line Production From Start to Finish

As a big business in Australia’s motion picture industry, we’re always ready to roll. We have enough people and sufficient resources that we can easily accommodate multiple simultaneous projects. With the best talent on tap, we can always be sure of delivering the best results for our clients.

Captiv8 also offering services such as infographics & animation production, corporate video production & more to the major cities of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. If you’re looking for line production specialists in Sydney, we’d love to hear from you today. You can reach us by calling 1800 815 884 or sending an email to INFO@CAPTIV8.COM.AU.

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“We’re always proud of our advertising innovations, but we’re particularly pleased we’ve been able to team up with Captiv8.”


Corporate Manager – Brand, Toyota


“As our agency and production partner Captiv8 are always able to provide the right solution no matter what the challenge, they deliver fantastic service and outstanding work, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


National Advertising Manager – Universal Pictures International Austrailia


“Captiv8 designed and developed a dynamic, eye catching and user friendly minisite for our awards 2013 campaign which delivered all that we wanted within a tight timeframe.”


Trade Marketing Manager – The Stayz Group

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