Mike Corte


Why Video Is Your Lead Generator?

When it comes to absorbing information, people not only prefer visuals to text, they have an easier time processing them, too.

And, as web psychologist Nathalie Nahai explains, videos take this ease of processing to a new level:

“Since we are instinctively attracted to stimuli such as motion, sound, and human faces, using video can be the most rapid way to communicate information, evoke emotion, and establish rapport with our audiences.” Marketers who understand the bias toward visual content are taking advantage of it to accomplish one of their biggest goals in 2018 – that goal is to generate leads. Increasing leads and converting them are top priorities especially for SMBs.

Creating compelling content that engages your customer with your USP is the key in starting the lead generation journey – a well produced video can be the perfect touchpoint to a future client.

Once the journey begins and your lead is interacting with your content you can create further video and start “gating” your content.

“Gating” is exactly what it sounds like. It involves keeping your video behind a metaphorical gate that your prospect can only open after giving you some of their key info – this is a direct form of video lead generation.

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