Pre Internet age you had to head to the local cinema to watch a trailer, then wait months before the actual movie was released. Nowadays, it is as easy as going online, anywhere and anytime to watch a trailer or to buy a ticket.

The web has definitely opened up lots of opportunities. The days of a movie with one trailer are long gone. As the production and content agency partner for Universal Pictures International we have seen this continually evolve – we now have teasers, international trailers, red bands, featurettes and TV spots to feed the hunger for content. With technologies such as Shazam, a music identification app, integrated into trailers and TV spots, audiences are now able to directly enter competitions, buy tickets, share content and interact with movie content through their mobile devices.

Take the recent example of Bad Neighbours where we produced trailers, featurettes, content pieces and TVCs all for distribution across multiple platforms including broadcast TV, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Retail and featuring interactivity with Shazam functionality.

Technology has also played a huge role in the creation of movie of trailers, especially editing. Linear editing systems were once the standard during the pre-internet ages. Editors painstakingly sliced together pieces of film, later moving on to videotape systems, by copying from one tape to another.

In the early 90’s editors began switching to computers with the rest of the world. Digital systems took over. Cutting trailers became efficient and fast, leaving more room for creativity and storytelling.

Working closely with Universal Pictures, Captiv8 has played an integral role in localising international movie trailers and TV Spots for the Australian market by harnessing state of the art technologies to share great content. Whilst technology has certainly been a facilitator of change in the techniques, distribution and role of movie trailers, at their heart trailers need to quickly connect with an audience through storytelling at an emotional level.

This is the art of a great movie trailer and something which we are passionate about – for more on the art of the trailer check out this great article on John Lang.

Also, take a look at the evolution and the history of the Movie Trailer.

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