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The 5 Tips You Must Absolutely Know Before You Choose A Video Production Company

When it comes to capturing the attention of your target audience, telling a story and delivering a message with impact, video is the medium that trumps all. With video consumption continuously rising, it is without a doubt the most effective way to get cut-through for brands to engage existing and potential customers.

That’s when video is done right that is! But why do so many businesses get it wrong ? Video creative requires a very detailed skillset – one which takes years of experience and education to craft. When it comes to marketing and branding, video is an area certainly best left to the experts. Calling on an expert video production company to create and produce your video content is a smart move. However, delivering clever, impactful video creative requires the selection of a strong partner.

We will take you through the 5 biggest mistakes companies make when doing a video. From selecting a partner like a videographer to do your video, the mistake being you have chosen someone that does not understand marketing. Or because most marketing agencies don’t do there own video and outsource to a freelance videographer. A person who does not understand how to write a creative script or how to deliver strategy. Nervous about burning money creating the wrong kind of video. Here are our top five tips that you must absolutely consider when on the hunt for someone to help your business grow with video. You’ll be amazed at the huge gaffs companies make and you’ll know what NOT to do.

Tip 1: Ensure they have experience in what you need

All videos are not created the same – that’s one of the most critical things to understand. Video production companies will have experience in different industries and capturing and creating videos for different purposes. The key thing is to find a company who has proven experience, years of experience and a showreel to prove it.

Campaign videos, Auto videos, Finance videos, Education videos, Product videos, Food videos, TV commercials, customer success stories, motion graphics, product demos, event highlights – the level of expertise required to deliver the various types of video creative can vary significantly so ensure you have the right person for the job ask to see proof of a companies work in the specific type of creative you desire. Always ask them to provide examples of work.

Tip2: Creative process

You must work with someone that understands creative. The script is the most important part of any video and if you do not have an approved script already this is going to be one of the most important things you do in the process. Ask your prospective video company to provide you with their process. If they do not include the scripting part of the process this is a definite sign not to work with them. You need to be sure first and foremost that the company you a working with knows how to craft the perfect script. You could go one step further and ask to see some of there past approved scripts. If the work has already been produced and distributed they will be able to share some examples with you.

Getting this valuable insight about process is going to save you a hell allot of grief and ensure you get the best video to do the job. Doing this will also give you a bit of an insight into how it will feel like to work with the company. You should also ask for a timeline so you know the dates and times for each part of the process.

Tip 3: Ask for a clear, all-inclusive breakdown of costs

Often the “packages” quoted by video production companies can be exclusive of critical elements. Only when you sign on the dotted line do you realise that things like travel costs, certain edits, shoot planning, scripting, autocue, voice over, location costs etc. are all added extras – things that are absolutely necessary for your project. All of a sudden, the great price you thought you secured turns out to be not such a great deal.

When requesting a quote, ask for a full breakdown of costs and a clear overview of what is considered “extra”. Only then can you truly compare the quotes provided by the video production companies that you speak to.

Tip 4: Do they know marketing

Video production companies and videographers will often just hand over a video and say good luck. You need a partner that can show you how your video will generate business growth. This should be made clear upfront and it is delivered in a strategy. Placing a video on social media or digital channels and hoping it will gain traffic does not work. The downside is you have waisted time and money. You may have a video that looks great and delivers your message but your target market will not see it and you now have to start again finding another partner that can help.

A company that knows marketing will take distribution into mind before delivering a script. This consideration will be a huge part of the creative process. Asking if your video company can help with marketing is going to ensure your video drives growth.

Tip 5: Distribution

Where are your customers going to see your video and a clear purpose of your video is paramount. Whether it be sales, brand awareness, information or education. Who is your target market? Asking this question will help answer what media your video will need to be on. Is it going to be on TV? The company you hire will need to know all the requirements like CAD and Dubsat to ensure your video can actually go on television. Will it play in cinema, will it play on mobile, will it be on your website. There are allot of technical and legal requirements they are going to need to know how to do. It may simply play in a meeting and sit on a USB to present to potential clients. If it is going to be distributed through aps like social media or you tube there are media costs and technical development that will be needed to ensure it is distributed to your potential customers.

When making a movie the studio ensures distribution before the filming commences and you should also be doing this important step. The medium your video plays on depends on allot of variables and a company that can help get your video onto a platform that will connect with your customer is the company you want working for you as they are going to guarantee you get results.

Video is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ways to connect with your customer. Focus on what will appeal to your target audience and take a professionals advice. Ensure your chosen partner has produced high-quality videos and use these top five tips to tick all the boxes in your search and you are sure to find a company that can help to light up your brand and connect with your potential audience.

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