Captiv8 recently helped Bundaberg Rum revolutionise the way they ran their annual Bundy Festival. Collaborating with events partner Amplify, we used our proprietary system, RELAY, to improve customer registrations for the event, reduce queuing times, enhance customer satisfaction and ultimately increase revenue at the event.

RELAY is an experiential content distribution platform, which enables experiential and event participant data capture and content distribution via personalised notification and sharing to social networks.


Sharing videos on a social platform is a significant event these days. Videos receive successful shares on social media channels. Among several other social platforms, Facebook has more mass involvement; surveys reveal that square videos outperform landscape videos regarding engagements, views and reach.

Stats and reports say creating square videos are more effective in mobiles because of the following reasons:

  • More than half of the video views are on mobile. Facebook business video consumption on mobiles has increased 233% since 2013.
  • It is estimated that 92% of Facebook users use this social channel on mobile.
  • Square videos have taken up 78% more space in the news feed on mobile than on desktop.

Hence, with more and more people viewing videos on mobile, square videos would steal the show.

Video consumption will increase with square video. In addition to that, a marketer can also plan to create vertical videos for improved video performance.


In the case of the Bundy Festival the challenge was to find a way to pre-register thousands of event attendees who had in previous years camped out for days(!!!) to register and secure their place in the queue to receive a limited historic edition MDC Black Barrel bottle of rum.


We designed a microsite to pre-register attendees of the festival. This pre-registration data was then integrated into the RELAY system. On the day of the event RELAY then sent participants a personalised email and/or SMS notifying them of their queue number and the time they were allocated to collect their exclusive limited edition MDC Black Barrel bottle of rum.

“Without the new queue system I really believe it would have been a completely different atmosphere” Kylie Ciocca, Assistant Brand Manager, Bundaberg Rum


By eliminating the need to camp out for days, queuing in the scorching Bundy sun for hours on end in order to secure their spot, event goers were free to enjoy the festival atmosphere, watch the great live music, spend more time at the bar and food stalls and more time at the Bundy shop buying up merchandise and memorabilia.


  • Over 1,400 pre-registrations through the microsite
  • Over 1,300 confirmations and registrations on site
  • Over 3,000 subscribed to receive special deals and regular email

A tailored Bundy ‘Adorers’ random queue draw system allowed partners who arrived at the festival together were guaranteed a spot next to each other when the ‘Adorer’ queue was randomised

RELAY then incrementally notified those in the queue when it was their time to collect. This freed them up to enjoy the festival and not only buy their MDC Black Barrel bottle but also shop in the Bond Store & at the various festival stalls essentially doubling expected sales

By using the RELAY system, Bundaberg were able to ensure all who registered were able to purchase their historic bottle – and in record time!

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