Captiv8 always tries to push the envelope when it comes to creating content that our audiences can get excited about and feel a part of. We also strive to make it as easy as possible to deliver the content directly to them so they can enjoy it later and share with friends and family.We recently had a chance to do this with our friends Toyota and Maverick for the Top Gear Festival Sydney at Sydney Motorsport Park.Toyota wanted to give their fans a chance to experience their 86 and LandCruiserrange first hand and take away something a little more special than just the memories.

Each vehicle was showcased through purpose built courses. Heart Beat Hill was set up to simulate the Australian outback and push the LandCruiser range to the limits while the 86’s handling and performance was put to the test on the 86 Playground skid pan.

Giving folks a cruise around in a car is one thing but giving them an experience they’ll never forget is something different altogether. With that in mind, each of these courses was set up with a special twist to turn it into a true “test” drive. Once registered through RELAY, drivers were ready to go.

The LandCruisers were pushed to the absolute limit on Heart Beat Hill, as were passengers’ nerves, with some extra surprises being unleashed along the way. Think obstacles such as landslides, sand storms and even kangaroos (simulated of course). We were there to capture the reactions using cameras hidden in and around the cars.

In the 86 Playground, precision drivers took the 86s for a “spin” around the skid pan while passengers had to keep control of their emotions – and vocal chords – to belt out a little car karaoke. We didn’t miss a beat as the 86s were rigged up with internal GoPros and helmet mics.

The vision from both courses was instantly transferred to our onsite RELAY team who edited the footage and compiled it with prerecorded vision, soundtrack and fx.

The RELAY magic was again used to upload the Toyota YouTube Channel and shoot out personalised notifications which would send participants directly to their video where they could relive the experience. To see how it all unfolded please see the case study video below.

Go team!

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