When marketing adds something positive to people’s lives, it works. The Bright Smiles Bright Futures campaign was inspired by archive footage of Colgate Brand ambassador ‘Mrs Marsh’. ‘Mrs Marsh’ resonates with 25 – 50 year olds – Barbara Callcott was famous in Colgate TV commercials in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, she is an iconic figure in Australian advertising.

Captiv8 teamed up with Powered to produce an integrated campaign for Colgate that involved TV, Digital and Social.

The TV commercial encouraged people to head online and engage with the Colgate Facebook page. When brands produce integrated campaigns there can sometimes be challenges associated with multiple agency teams or different companies, the teams don’t always talk to each other and ensure the message is integrated correctly across all touch points. Captiv8 specialises in integrated campaigns and working collaboratively to produce content across all touch points. The Bright Smiles Bright Futures campaign integrated seamlessly communicating the campaign objective: to get as many schools to register for the program, motivating people to participate and register through Facebook.

The story of Colgate being a trusted brand for over 50 years giving millions of Australians a healthy smile was shareable through the social environment with a competition that allowed people to re-create their old school photo. People could see what their childhood class of 1982 looks like now. To encourage people to enter the competition Colgate offered prizes such as iPads for schools and individuals.  This became powerful marketing as it then gave incentive for people to participate and share. The iPad was used as the visual mechanic in the TVC to demonstrate how far we have come, from blackboards in the 70’s & 80’s to tablets being used today. This also created recognition for Colgate as a trusted brand for generations of Australians.

When it comes to succesfull marketing a great foundation is having a story you can tell and making it easy for someone to retell.

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