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Video marketing creates a connection with the viewer that tears down the walls of unfamiliarity.
Video builds trust. The construction industry is a low trust, high stakes market, making it more challenging than other industries to sign up new clients. Videos give your prospects peace of mind, knowing that your company can deliver what you say you can.

Bottom line

it improves your chances of closing the deal. From before the first meeting to after delivering the project, if your potential customer feels like they know and trust you, it makes a huge difference.

This is for you if you are a developer, a construction company, architect, builder, realestate agent working in the property sector.



Strengthens your sales process, breaks down barriers and builds trust. Win more contracts, more often.


Be seen and heard in a way that gets results. Deliver your message to your audience and create awareness for your company. Fill your pipeline with leads who are genuinely interested and ready to do business.

Current Customers

Show off your work to build trust and confidence with your past clients to Increase referrals.

Your Team

Inspire and motivate your team by showing them the ‘why’ behind your business. Improve company culture and build a workforce that believe in the success of your company.


Get clear on your message and why you get up every morning to do what you do.


We love our clients and we love the work we do for them. We partner with them to get optimal results and move their business to new heights.


The Process


1) Crafting Your Story

Every construction business is unique and has a different story to tell. Our job is to draw out that story and tell it in a powerful way that creates a connection with your audience. In order to form that story, our team will meet with key members of your business for a Story Development Session. In this session we go through the four key elements needed to create your amazing story. (Story Development Session’s normally take approximately 1 hour)


We begin with your ‘why’. The reason behind the business, your dreams and goals.

Business Character:

Then, we create a character out of your business. This is to highlight and bring attention to the personality within your company. It humanises your business and makes you more relatable so that your message resonates with your audience.


Visuals are one of the most integral parts of the video. We plan out what visuals we need to capture to best reflect your company. These are carefully selected to craft a visually engaging and powerful video.


This part happens after you finish the Story Development Session. We take what we have drawn out from our time with you and finalise the story so it’s ready for production to begin.


2) Production Begins

We are firstly storytellers. This means that we are committed to producing the best possible content for your business.


3) Editing the Video

Our focus is storytelling. There is no set in stone structure that we plan and stick to. We craft the video with the story at the center. This means we can be more flexible and creative and results in every video being unique and effective.

video seen

4) Get your Video seen

After your video is completed and has passed our rigorous quality assurance process, it will be delivered to you. Now that you have your professionally crafted video, it’s time to get it in front of the people who want to see it.


Most frequent questions and answers

How Much Does It Cost?
We need to get one thing straight, we are not just a contractor creating a video for you. We are partnering with your business to bring and create value for your company. For this reason, we will need to meet with you and asses what your video needs are. From there, we create custom video packages that are designed to meet the needs of your individual situation
Changes and Video Maintenance?
If changes are required, we implement them at no extra cost. But because of our unique and collaborative creation process, we almost never get requests for changes to the video after completion. Our planning is so good that 98% of our clients are happy with the first version. Further to this, we are able to update and renovate your video down the road to better reflect your business when it grows.
How do I know my video will be the same quality as the other builders?
We’re perfectionists. We never release a video until it’s ready and has passed through our quality assurance process. Every video goes through our creative director, who is responsible for consistently upholding the quality of the work we create.
How involved will I be?
You can be as involved as you like. As a minimum, we require you to attend a story development session with us, either online or in person to complete the planning stage. Once that is complete, we handle everything and you don’t have to lift a finger until the first viewing. We will keep you updated and communicate our progress on a regular basis.
How long does it take to complete a whole project?
The time it takes to complete a project varies depending on a number of different factors: time of year, how busy we are, available filming dates and travel. Our average start-to-finish completion time ranges from 4 to 6 weeks.
Will filming our video disrupt our work sites and offices?
One of the reasons our clients love us so much is that it feels like we’re not even there when we are filming. We don’t use a giant film crew, so you don’t need to shut everything down. We’re making a video that’s natural and authentic, and you can only get that by preserving your team’s routine. All our staff have white cards and are site ready!


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