TV Commercial Production

Does your brand require an engaging and compelling TV commercial ?

You’ve come to the right place to make your brand stand out.

As a TVC Production Company, we work directly with our clients to create engaging stories that connect with consumers and compel them to watch, share and be completely immersed in your brand’s story.

We work with advertising agencies and organisiations who choose to make their TVC’s independently. While servicing clients across Australia, we also provide line production to companies overseas who seek to shoot in Australia.


Our world-class video production company creates measurable and specific objectives to accomplish this in the most efficient and aligned way that promotes all facets of your brand’s value and unique offerings.


Our approach is 100  % personalised which means you’re going to get exactly what you need and nothing that’s been done before in a custom approach unlike any other.


Your brand and customers are distinctive, and that’s why you require an experience that exhibits this creativity in the marketplace and places a premium on your objectives and results.


Our TVC production house portfolio includes world-class brands such as Sharp, Toyota, Colgate, Holden, AMP, NAB and many more.












TV Commercial Production

TV advertising space is both precious and expensive. However, if it is executed cleverly, getting some advertising space on TV can be the best investment a brand ever makes. If your business lands a TV commercial spot, you need to ensure you make every single second of it count.

TV commercials provide a platform to achieve large-scale brand awareness. At Captiv8, our expert TV commercial production team have the creativity, imagination, skills and experience required to deliver TV advertisements that captivate customers. If you’re looking to make TV commercials independently, we’re the TVC production house to make your vision a reality.

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TV Commercial Production Melbourne

The Captiv8 approach is a highly personalised one. We’ll get to know your target audience and we’ll develop an understanding of the experience that will best engage your target customers. We specialise in creating engaging TV commercials that will not only capture the attention of your audience, but also compel them to become immersed in your brand’s story. Captiv8 are the TV ad production company that will deliver on your objectives.

TV Commercial Production Perth

To really make an impression with your TV commercials, you need to do something different, and something better than anything your competitors have done before. Your brand and customers are distinctive so your TV advertising requires a premium level of creativity. We work with both agencies and organisations to help brands to really stand out through the power of innovative TV commercials.

Our TVC production company portfolio includes impressive work for world-class brands such as Sharp, Colgate, AMP, Toyota, Holden and NAB. The TV commercials we have produced speak for themselves. They’re innovative, they’re distinctive and they set brands apart from their competitors.

The Process

Our TV commercial production process is straightforward in the sense that it’s a collaborative effort between our team and our client. First, we’ll develop the project scope and strategy. This stage helps to develop an activation strategy and a roadmap for your video campaign that will drive the most effective results.

Next, we’ll move to pre-production. Together we’ll fine-tune the “specifics” of both the technical and creative aspects of the TV commercial.

Finally, we’ll move to production and development. This is the stage where ideas come to life! Your idea will become a reality and every aspect will be tested and tweaked before we unveil the finished project. You’ll be involved every step of the way as we create your TV commercial masterpiece.

TV Commercial Production Sydney

Captiv8 is one of the leading Television Production Companies Sydney has to offer. While servicing clients in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and right across Australia, we also provide TV commercial production services to companies overseas that are seeking to shoot in Australia.

So whatever your brand, whatever your industry, whatever your product or service and whatever your audience, we can deliver TV commercials in Melbourne, Sydney & Perth that can take your business to the next level. Captiv8 also offers Product Video Production in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth for your business.

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