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Are you looking for world-class online video production that attracts, connects and converts your target demographic to customers and raving fans?

Then look no further than our video production services.

80  % of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20  % will read content. Communicating directly through this medium with powerful, professionally done video made exclusively for online use is our expertise.

We create a custom package to support your brand, drive engagement and tell your story through online formats such as Pre- Roll Video Ads, YouTube video production, social video content or any premium content site that offers video advertising– going exactly where your potential customers are.


Our online video production team creates cutting edge, professional level technical expertise and creative storytelling to bring your brand’s vision to life.


Our experts make sure to include the best calls to action (CTAs) for your brand, so you can drive traffic to your site and convert into sales.


Our approach is personalized; we take a boutique approach which means you’re going to get exactly what you need. Our Youtube Video Production is designed to capture a viewer’s attention and hold it.

We produce online video for world-class brands such as Toyota, Carlton, BHP Billiton, Universal Pictures and more.

Let’s turn your dreams into reality and craft your online video masterpiece.

Make your dream a reality!












Video marketing has become the most popular and effective form of content marketing. With experts predicting that video will claim over 80% of all web traffic by 2019, video is the future and it’s a concept that businesses must embrace if they don’t want to fall behind.

If you’re looking for a company that specialises in professional video production in Sydney, you’ve come to right place. At Captiv8 our team features some of the most innovative and skilled digital specialists, designers, directors, editors, producers and developers in Sydney.

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We’ve got an innate ability to understand the needs of our clients and we work with them to produce engaging and compelling content that caters for those core requirements.

Looking for creative video productions in Sydney?

If you’re looking for affordable video production in Sydney but you don’t want to have to compromise on the quality of the service and production you receive, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at Captiv8.

Our goal is to harness all aspects of creative development and production to produce powerful video content for our clients in the following area;

  • TV commercial production
  • Online video production
  • Infographics and animations
  • Product video production
  • Movie trailer production

We’ve worked with all types of clients from major brands and Government agencies to start-ups and filmmakers so know that no project is too small or too complex for our team.

How Working With Our Team Can Take Your Brand to Another Level

Working with a video production specialist in Sydney won’t just take the stress of creating content away from you and your team. Working with Captiv8 can take your brand to a whole new level by streamlining your video production and maximising your ROI.

We guarantee;

  • Simplicity – There are a lot of elements needed to ensure that a video production project goes smoothly. Don’t waste your precious time figuring all of that out when you can leave it to professionals who’ve got the skills and experience to make the entire project run efficiently from start to finish.
  • Quality – From lighting and talent directing to sound levels, budgeting, continuity and editing, every aspect of your production will be to the highest possible standard. Quality counts for your brand and we never cut corners that would compromise the integrity of your brand and our work.
  • Cost efficiency – We make sure that professional video production in Sydney is accessible to those that need it by keeping our prices affordable. Don’t tarnish your brand by creating DIY video content when you can work with the most trusted video production agency in Sydney.

Call us today on 1800 815 884 for more info on our services and let’s discuss how we can work together to better your brand with high quality video production.

Captiv8 is the leading Video Production company in Sydney, Perth & Melbourne.  If you’re looking for video production specialists in Sydney, we’d love to hear from you today. You can reach us by calling 1800 815 884 or sending an email to INFO@CAPTIV8.COM.AU.

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