Product Video Production


Do you have a product that is going to take the marketplace by storm?

Look no further than our product video production services, which will showcase your product, tell your story and engage customers to understand why they need your product in their lives.

As you know, the story behind your product and how it relates to your customer is as important as the product itself. Creating a great product means nothing if it doesn’t captivate the marketplace in a way that shifts their worldview from making it a luxury to a must-have.

That’s where our Video Production Team of experts at Captiv8 come in.

We’ll break down your product, the problem it solves, who it’s serving and work with you every step of the way to creatively express your story and connect your customers directly to your product and how it can enhance their lives.

TV Commercial Production is essential for allowing the potential customer to visualize, feel and experience the benefits of the product before they intellectually and emotionally decide they need it.

Our team will craft a custom, unique solution to showcase your product in a way that is in line with your brand’s presence and values.


Our product video production team has worked with world-class brands such as: 3M, P&G, Maxfactor, Wattyl and more. Get started in producing your product’s masterpiece!

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Product Video Production Melbourne

Are you looking for a way to promote your brand new product(s)? If so, getting a product video professionally produced by our video production company in Melbourne is the best way of going about it. As we’ve experience in all kinds of product video production, Melbourne based companies, and indeed companies from all areas of Australia, can benefit from having high quality product videos that showcase their products to perfection.


Our video editors and producers will work closely with you so that we not only highlight the unique selling points of your products, but also communicate your organisation’s brand and ethos to your target audience.

By using the latest video and animation techniques and digital production our team will create and deliver quality videos that will enable you to get your product in front of your customers.

Product Video Production Perth

Getting a product video produced is the perfect way to showcase your product via your website or social media. Our online video production company offers high quality product videos made in-house in our top of the range editing studios, making us one of the best choices for product video production Perth has available.

With a team of experienced, enthusiastic and creative editors and producers, you can be sure that we’ll find a way to present your product in a unique and meaningful way using the latest video and animation techniques.

We understand that the story behind your product is just as important as the product itself and we’ll tell that story to your customers in the most effective way. We can captivate your target audience and make them realise that they need your product in their life.

Product Video Production Sydney

Our creative product video production Sydney team are bursting with innovative ideas of how they can best utilise their experience and expertise to showcase both your product and your company to the masses. Our team has worked with world-class brands such as Maxfactor, 3M, P&G, Wattyl and more to create product videos that engage with audiences and, ultimately, convert into sales.

The material that we produce will enable your potential customers to visualise, feel and experience the benefits of your product before they mentally decide that they need it. Once they do make that decision mentally, you reap the rewards and it’s one more purchase in the bank.

If you’d like to know more about how we can work with you to produce a product video you can be proud of and which you can promote via social media, on TV or on your website, get in touch with us now. Inform us of the details of your product, your objectives for the project and let’s discuss a plan of action.

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