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We are video and digital content specialists.
We harness the power of participation by socialising content.
We are flexible, collaborative and results-driven.
We help brands to tell their story, engage and amplify.
We create outstanding TV commercials, engaging video content and results driven digitally ‘connected’ experiences.

We're always proud of our advertising innovations, but we're particularly pleased we've been able to team up with Captiv8.

Adrian WeimersCorporate Manager - Brand, Toyota

As our agency and production partner Captiv8 are always able to provide the right solution no matter what the challenge, they deliver fantastic service and outstanding work, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Alison HearneNational Advertising Manager, Universal Pictures International Australia

Captiv8 designed and developed a dynamic, eye catching and user friendly minisite for our Awards 2013 campaign which delivered all that we wanted within a tight timeframe.

Laura Borowski Trade Marketing Manager, The Stayz Group


Corporate Video Production

Captiv8 is the company you should choose for your next corporate video production. We are the leading experts in corporate video production in Australia, with highly experienced corporate video producers and a top notch creative team ready to get to work for you.

Even if you’re not already familiar with our name, you’ve already seen dozens of our ads. In fact, you’ve probably seen hundreds of them.

We produce corporate video for all kinds of Australian businesses, international businesses, government organizations, and non-profits organizations.

You will have seen ads we’ve made for car companies like VolksWagen, Toyota, and Mercedes Benz. You will also have seen ads we’ve made for companies like National Australia Bank, Colgate, and Berocca.

Maybe your business is in the same leagues as these types of clients, or maybe it’s not quite that big yet. If you want your business to grow, that’s great, because that’s what we want, too.

But ads aren’t the only thing we do, and they’re not all we’re famous for. We make many other kinds of video and film projects too.

Whatever kind of video you need, whether it is a site induction video, new brand launch, or even an online video for your Facebook page, we’re here to help you make a strong impression.

Grow your business with corporate video production by Captiv8

We’ll help you stand out from your competitors by developing fantastic corporate video that captivates audiences and keeps them focused on the message you need to present them with.

The key to our success in doing this is the people who work for us. We’re a strong team of passionate individuals who know our jobs and do them well. Every single one of us is a perfectionist, striving for the ultimate in video excellence on every project we undertake.

What that means for you as our client is you can be assured of a fantastic outcome. Your video production will be handled expertly and created with professionalism every step of the way.

We have the resources, the equipment, the locations, the technology and the team to make exactly the right video to suit whatever your need happens to be. We know how to do that, and we’ve got everything we need to make it work.

Work with expert corporate video producers

Once you’ve experienced the difference of dealing with Captiv8, we know we will always be your first choice for any kind of video production services.

The producers at Captiv8 are experienced, professional, and highly motivated. They work on video projects every day, and they love what they do. That passion for making superior video and film productions is what has helped us become a leading force in Australian corporate video.

Corporate video production in Australia

Australian audiences are not necessarily the same as audiences in other countries. The things that might turn them on or off can be quite a bit different.

That’s why it pays to work with an Australian company like Captiv8. We understand what Australian audiences want, and we know how to give them what they want. That means less worry for you, and a better result for your audience.

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