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Are you looking for world-class online video production that attracts, connects and converts your target demographic to customers and raving fans?

Then look no further than our video production services.

80  % of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20  % will read content. Communicating directly through this medium with powerful, professionally done video made exclusively for online use is our expertise.

We create a custom package to support your brand, drive engagement and tell your story through online formats such as Pre- Roll Video Ads, YouTube video production, social video content or any premium content site that offers video advertising– going exactly where your potential customers are.


Our online video production team creates cutting edge, professional level technical expertise and creative storytelling to bring your brand’s vision to life.


Our experts make sure to include the best calls to action (CTAs) for your brand, so you can drive traffic to your site and convert into sales.


Our approach is personalized; we take a boutique approach which means you’re going to get exactly what you need. Our Youtube Video Production is designed to capture a viewer’s attention and hold it.

We produce online video for world-class brands such as Toyota, Carlton, BHP Billiton, Universal Pictures and more.

Let’s turn your dreams into reality and craft your online video masterpiece.

Make your dream a reality!












Online Video Production House


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When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time to talk with Captiv8, the leading video production house in Australia. Captiv8 is unlike any other video production company you may have worked with before, because our approach to film making is far beyond the standard.

We are a full service video production house with everything necessary to conceptualize, create, enhance, and edit amazing productions that will exhilarate and enthral. We are called Captiv8 because the videos we create are truly captivating.

You really can’t go wrong by choosing Captiv8 for your next video project.

Bigger and better than any other video production house in Australia

While we hate to dwell on size as selling point, it’s simply a fact that we have a bigger network and more resources than our competitors. That means we can produce better video, and produce it more quickly.

Our equipment range includes all the latest and best technologies that are known to produce superior results. Our production crew are experts in getting the best out of this technology. Our creative team are the very best in Australia, and this has been proved time and again, with the many thousands of successful commercials and corporate videos we’ve already produced.

We are the first choice for major corporations and small businesses alike. Our client list includes Volkswagen, Holden, Colgate, NAB, Stayz, and many more brands and companies that we have helped by expanding their reach.

What makes our videos work is they gain attention and they keep attention the whole way through. We keep audiences watching because they want to see what will happen next. And even when they’ve already seen the ad before, there’s still a good chance they’ll want to watch it again, because these ads are masterfully done.

The advantage this gives you is greater impression retention. That’s not a concept that gets mentioned very much, but it means once you’ve created a good first impression, you stay in the mind of the viewer for a longer time. It becomes harder for them to forget about you.

Video created by Captiv8 helps you reach more people, and reach them in a better way. Your business or organization will benefit immensely from the increased recognition this expanded reach will bring to you.

More than just a video production company

Making video and film projects is what we do every day, and that’s our business. But we’re also something more than that. You could even consider us to be your media partners, because our goal is so closely aligned to yours. You want better publicity and we make it our mission to help you achieve it.

Designing better video content, creating better video content, and presenting it in the best possible way. Captiv8 is ready to help you. All it takes to get started is to reach out to us. Do that today. We are waiting.

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