Production Company Australia


If you need an Australian production company to create a film or video production for your business, Captiv8 is the right choice to ensure you get the results you are seeking.

We are the leading production company in Australia for innovative television commercials that captivate audiences and help them engage with the messages of our clients. We also produce corporate video, online video, and all kinds of other projects related to video and film.

Not just another Australian production company

It would be easy to think that all production companies are similar, but in reality there can be a lot of difference from one production team to the next. Captiv8 is quite simply the best at what we do, and that’s why you should choose us.

We have a talented team of top quality creative professionals, all the resources we need, and the very best in equipment and technology so we can create outstanding results for you.

The one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that you will never be disappointed by one of our creations. Our work never fails to hit the mark, because we don’t rest until it’s perfect.

Whatever you hope to achieve, you can achieve it with Captiv8.

How we can to be the best production company in Australia

Captiv8 was created mainly as a marketing company. Our goal was, and actually still is, to help our clients engage audiences with compelling video that leads to maximum positive outcomes.

The desirable outcome may be different from project to project, but whatever it is, we will make it happen for you. Our experience in marketing and our fine tuned knowledge of what Australian audiences will respond to (and even more importantly, the knowledge of what will turn them off) means we know exactly how to craft our work to get the best result.

We’ve produced so many commercials and videos now that we’ve stopped counting. We’ve made some of the most well known ads that it’s a sure bet you will have already seen dozens of them. Maybe even hundreds.

Corporate clients choose us because they know we don’t settle for second best. We always strive for excellence, and that is why we always achieve it. Our drive and passion for making great video is 50 percent of what makes us special. The other 50 percent is the talent of the people who work for us.

Put Australia’s best creative minds to work for you

The best thing about Captiv8 is that we have such a fantastic team of people, every one of them a creative genius and every one totally dedicated to achieving the best result for every client.

Our team members are bright and creative individuals who are capable of doing amazing things all on their own, but when they come together as a team with a common focus, it’s like an unstoppable force of creativity.

Films made by Captiv8 work because the talent that goes into making them is uncompromisingly good.

Now you have the opportunity to put this talent to work for your business, and all it takes is one phone call or message. Get in touch today, and unlock the real potential of your business.

We are a group of experienced, strategic and creative thinkers. Our team consists of creative and digital specialists, directors, designers, editors, producers and developers. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.