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Working with Ensemble Captiv8 produced a TV Commercial and integrated campaign for the NSW Environment Protection Authority to combat anti – litter efforts. The advertising campaign HEY TOSSER! is a multi-channeled campaign that includes television, online television, radio, digital, mobile, out of home (billboards, street signs, bus sides).

The 30 second TVC addresses different types of litter and littering behaviour in different locations. The 15 second TVC addresses littering cigarette butts from a vehicle and informs the public that they can report littering from vehicles. In each version the person throwing away rubbish is called a tosser by a witness to their actions. The key objective of the ‘HEY TOSSER!’ advertising campaign is to change behaviour around littering so that the norm is not to litter. The goal is to contribute to the NSW Government’s objective that by 2016 NSW will have the lowest litter count per capita in Australia (NSW 2021: A plan to make NSW number one). Achieving this goal requires a significant reduction in litter and requires continued, multi-year investment. Therefore $20 million has been committed to litter reduction – using the ‘HEY TOSSER!’ campaign – until 2017.

The ‘HEY TOSSER!’ advertising campaign is built in response to the EPA’s social research that identified that people know that littering is socially unacceptable, and so will litter when they think no-one is looking. The campaign tells litterers they are being watched and that no- one likes a litterer. With the recent launch of the EPA’s “Report littering form vehicles” mobile app, the advertising campaign also tells the community how to report people who litter from their vehicle and reminds the community about littering penalties.

The key messages across the campaign are:

  • Put it in the bin.
  • Anyone can report littering from vehicles.
  • Fines from $250 can now be issued from your reports.

Visit www.epa.nsw.gov.au/heytosser for more information.

So successful is the Hey Tosser! campaign, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is receiving more than 80 reports of rubbish being thrown daily — up from 18 a day last year.



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