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YouTube is one of the most useful tools for marketers. It’s quite natural on your part to think -why should I boost my YouTube video? What benefits would my company receive on this action?

Take a look at the following statistics and think again about promoting videos on YouTube.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine
  • A reported 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube everyday
  • It receives over 30 million visitors every single day
  • The total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month is 25 billion.
  • 60 percent of viewers prefer online video platforms to live TV. This feature gives YouTube the opportunity to flourish as one of the best marketing and advertising platforms.
  • YouTube is an expansive platform and offers its visitors access to language, making it easier for 95% of the world’s population to reach it.

Bottom-line: Sharing videos and promoting them on YouTube will boost your SEO and your brand presence. YouTube is the perfect place for all marketers, it allows you to present your video content in a unique way. It’s one of the best places that makes it easier for viewers to consume and share them.

As a brand advertiser you must know that compared to TV, online videos are the best way to reach your target audience. Thus based on the above statistics, it’s apparent that YouTube being the social platform, would help you reach a wide network of people at an affordable cost.

We understand and also want you to understand, the greatness of Video marketing on YouTube, so we’ve compiled for you 8 tips for promoting videos on YouTube.

Read along and find out how to promote YouTube videos without paying.

Tip 1: Allow viewers to embed your videos

While uploading a video, you will receive an option to either allow or not allow others to embed your video on external sites. Here, you can check the option ‘allow others to embed.’ This feature of YouTube enables people to take your video and then publish it on their website or their own channel, etc. By allowing people to share your video on their sites, you can gain maximum exposure.

Tip 2: Spread your YouTube video through cross-promotion

Cross- promoting enables you to gain maximum exposure. You can incorporate videos into your email newsletter, blog and your social media accounts. We surveyed and revealed that ‘the highest YouTube views occur during the active advertising of the video.’

Tip 3: Optimize your video title with relevant keywords

Get more views on YouTube videos by optimizing your broadcast with relevant keywords.

Whether it’s a written content or a video, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a major role in the promotion of every material. If you want your video to achieve a top rank in search engine results you’ll need to optimize your video program. Keywords are essential for every program to attract more traffic.

The title of your video is very important, craft a title with relevant keywords. You need to perform a proper keyword research and be up-to-date on what people are searching.

Take a look at some of the expert tips for creating the best title that conforms to the SEO process:

  • Video title needs to be short and to the point.
  • It should have an attention-grabbing theme.
  • Use keywords at the beginning of the title.
  • Consider using power words that would compel people to open your video.
  • Video tags are valuable for YouTube SEO, add relevant keywords- search what your competitors are using and incorporate similar ones for more benefit.
  • Add lots of long tail keywords in the description.

Bonus: Remember not to stuff your video with too many keywords. Google disqualifies those contents that have too much keyword insertion.

Tip 4: Plan for weekly video series

People look for continuity, hence they subscribe to a YouTube channel which has regular updates. When viewers know what to expect from a certain video they will come to you and this way viewership of your video increases. For example, Moz’s Whiteboard Friday videos: these videos appear every Friday and the audience appreciates its regularity.

Tip 5: Social Media sharing contributes to video promotion

It’s a known fact that social media attracts huge traffic. Experts confirm that sharing videos in any social channel is an easy way to get views on YouTube videos. Social platforms are actually powerful marketing tools to promote your YouTube Channel.

Social media platforms can display your video to a large network of people. Each time your followers like, comment and share your videos, their friends and followers will view this activity. This is the way your audience can grow.

Tip 6: A custom thumbnail can increase views

Thumbnails are essential to increase a viewer’s curiosity level. According to surveys, 90% of the best performing videos have a custom thumbnail. You can use the help of Adobe Photoshop, Canvaor your favorite photo editor to create one.

There are certain specifications for customizing a thumbnail:

  • Established dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels, under 2 MB
  • Choose an icon that basically represents your brand
  • Upload an eye-catching cover photo and fill out your profile

Tip 7: Play with your YouTube Channel – make it spectacular!

Make your YouTube channel prominent amongst your competitors. As the first impression is the final impression on YouTube, the first impression needs to make your audience come back to your channel again and again.

Customize your YouTube Channel with colors, images, links, logo, information, etc. Additionally, you can create a trailer video and display it for those first time and recurring visitors. Add an introduction and explanation of what your YouTube channel plans to offer in this trailer video. This is the best way to get regular views on your YouTube videos.

Tip 8: Engage viewers with Call-to-Action

When a viewer comes to your YouTube channel, but leaves after a short stay, it hampers your overall business as you don’t get the traffic. Hence, you need to engage your viewers by providing a Call-to-Action. CTAs within a video let people take one of the following user actions:

  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Watch more videos
  • Like or share a video
  • Leave a comment

You can use two proven CTA methods:

  • Direct Host-Mentions: You can directly talk to the camera and tell people what action to take.
  • End-cards: An end-card appears at the end of a video and takes up the whole screen.
  • Video Descriptions:You can put a link to your website or your social accounts in your description and ask your followers to click.

In this digital world videos are the best source to reach your client and tell them about your product and service. Being one of the popular social channels, YouTube gives you scope to get maximum number of viewers.

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